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Dan Gillmor Speaks

Here’s a great interview with Dan Gillmor, author of We The Media, about entreprenuerial journalism. In it he says, “The career ladder that people of my generation aspired to is in almost all cases is just not going to be available to them. But that should only be scary to people of my generation. If I were a 20-to-22-year-old right now, and contemplating the future of media, I would be ecstatic at the possibilities.”

So fear not, young journalists.  The future is yours for the taking. Just be willing to try new thing, take risks, and yes, sometimes fail.

Thanks to Robert Niles and his new blog for this interview!

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So long, OJR

I’m very sad to report that Online Journalism Review has been disbanded by USC’s Annenberg School.  It was a site that reported on new media, was really one of the first online communities to provide thoughtful coverage on the issues that are dramatically affecting the communications industries.  The editor, Robert Niles, did an amazing job, was always positive and open-minded, a great person to direct a community. Robert will continue blogging at (great name), although not at USC.  As for USC, they have jumped into bed with the Knight Center for its Digital Media Center.  Lots of info out there, blogs and seminars, so hopefully it will be able to adopt the same spirit that was present at OJR.

Archives will remain availabe at There’s lots of good stuff out there. Take a look see.

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