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New iMac is here!…again

You might have read about my unadultered joy for the delivery of my new iMac last week. You may have also been following my quick return to reality on Monday when I realized that Apple had refreshed the entire iMac product line that morning, swiftly rendering my new system out-of-date and overpriced. But, all was quickly rectified. I returned the original system via FedEx on Tues, and by Thursday Apple had already credited my card. The order for the new iMac was placed on Monday evening, and today, a week after the original delivery, I now have my ultimate system. Enjoy the video below of the Apple welcome screen.

So, now the fun begins, as I transition systems. I’m considering not investing in MS Office. Any comments on the best cloud-based or open source productivity package? I’ve been an Entourage user for years, so that might be difficult. I will give Mac Mail a shot. My word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation sw needs are fairly basic, but I don’t want to be constrained. And, I need compatibility with files that others might send me.

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New iMac is already old

So, I got up this morning to an email from my friend at Apple that ordered the new iMac for me. He said something like, “I didn’t know about this, honest.” If you take a look at the Apple site you’ll see that the entire iMac line was refreshed this morning, faster processor, better video card, and $50 cheaper!!!! For Christ’s sake, I just got my computer on Saturday. So, I got on the horn with Apple customer support to see if I could return and reorder. The whole time I was on hold, I was wondering what I would do if they didn’t accommodate me. I mean, I might have to change my whole identity…I mean, I talk about Apple all the time, pontificate about them in class, discuss their brilliance and attention to design. What if I suddenly had to be angry with them?

Alas, after about 30 minutes, I was given the answer I wanted to hear: return the out-of-date, 2-day old system for a full refund and no restocking charges. So, in a few days, you’ll see another post proclaiming that the even newer iMac is here!

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New iMac is here!

And it’s a beauty!!! Wow, now that it is finally here, I can’t believe I waited so long to upgrade. First of all, it’s got a gigantic 24-in monitor, takes up almost all of my desk. The only wires are the power cord, and the usb for the keyboard. I also have an external hard drive attached. I’m connecting via wireless. The installation was quick and painless, the only thing that was even the least bit time-consuming was the software updates that it requested almost immediately. Those took about 5 minutes, but I was really anxious to get things going.

I’m not sure the pic above really does justice to the size. Here is a shot with old, tiny-screen round-base computer purchased in 2002, I think. He was a brave soldier to the end. And, actually keeps on going. I’ll be using it as a backup for some time, until I do all my transitioning.

Now, I have to figure out how to handle Time Machine. It wants me to wipe my external drive. Not sure if I want to move everything from it to this computer, then start using it. I also need to connect my iTunes. I’ve already downloaded Firefox, next step will be to get Fetch. Then, the Quicktime Pro upgrade. Next week, I’ll look into Adobe CS3 stuff and Office 2008, although I might just stay in the cloud with Google Docs.

Then, I’ll move on to learning all about this new iMovie version. I’ve had students bring in laptops with it, and it appears to be completely different than previous version. We don’t even have it installed in the labs at school yet. So, it’s good that I can finally get a chance to play with it.

I’m looking forward to many hours of fun-filled computing on my iMac. Thanks for my new toy, Mr Jobs!

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