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Monday news roundup 7/28

Icahn gets 3 seats on Yahoo’s board. We’ll see if what happens at the shareholder meeting on Friday.  Check your tech RSS feeds during the day on Friday to see if there is any news.

We talked about a couple of gender-related items.  A study in Science (the journal) found that the difference in math scores between girls and boys had disappeared. Interesting. Let’s see if that translates to more women in mathematical, tech, and computer science careers. And a NY Times piece on the Blogher conference dealt with the glass ceiling that exist for women bloggers to rise to the top blogger lists. Good discussion about these issues in class. Students had good insight into the cultural and social factors that can create gender disparity.

Another NY Times piece dealt with literacy. How are our Internet activities affecting literacy?  For better or worse. The article was balanced, showing the naysayers who think that Internet and mobile communications are ruining language, and those who are excited about the new ways that young people are using technology to communicate.

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Yahoo Round 2

Looks like Carl Icahn was not happy with the way things turned out for Yahoo in regard to the failed Microsoft acquisition. Apparently, he sent a letter yesterday to Yahoo’s Chairman, identifying “irresponsible and unconscionable actions” that led Microsoft to withdraw their offer. Apparently, he is going to snap up some additional shares of Yahoo and wage a proxy battle for an alternate board of directors. Geesh, doesn’t he have enough money? I didn’t really consider this option before. Perhaps Ballmer at Microsoft, rather than making himself look like the evil one mounting a hostile takeover, has convinced someone else to do it.

And, in other merger/acquisition news, CBS will buy CNET for $1.8 billion. CNET’s an online news and information provider, been around for a long time, the article calls them “an early pioneer in the Internet.” Let’s see how long it takes the old, behemoth media company to ruin them.

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