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Copyright quiz and advice for new journalists

I’ve been away from the tech world for a few days, focusing on getting my first version of the Texas Music Extra e-zine out for delivery tomorrow.  Look for Issue 5 at  But, here are of couple of items of interest from today’s news.

Thought this was interesting. Missouri University of Science and Technology requires students to take a 6-question quiz on digital copyright law to gain six hours of access to SW they can use to share music and movies.  It’s a pretty novel strategy, providing training and information.  There are legitimate, legal uses of file sharing, and there is the question of fair use.  Supposedly, the quiz has cut copyright complaints from 200 in 2006-2007 to eight.

And, I found this event going on today, a discussion about the future of media by industry professionals.  A question is asked of the panel regarding advice for new journalists, just graduating.  One of the panelists says to show him what you can make, show him some stuff.  I’m watching the live stream now, I assume it will be archived.  MIght be good to peruse later

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