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Tuesday news – 7/29

We dealt with only a couple of topics today. Cuil came out yesterday, a new search engine, started by former employees of Google.  It supposedly indexes more pages than Google.  I tried it, wasn’t impressed with the presentation or the design.  Then, blog posts started piling up with criticisms.

And, not getting too far astray from all things Google, we read the TechCrunch piece spreading the unconfirmed story that Google had walked away from the Digg acquisition. The article has a list of other failed attempts to sell Digg.  Wonder what will happen next.  Will Kevin Rose ever get his payday?

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News Items 7/24

Several interesting items today:

Twitter in USA Today – you know it’s mainstream when it’s in USA Today. And, a blog post on Everything You Need to Know About Twitter from Social Media Today.

We talked about Facebook’s new strategy with Facebook Connect to play nice with the rest of the Web. Zuckerberg discussed at the F8 Developer’s Meeting.

Look for Esquire to use electronic paper for its cover for its 75th anniversary edition. Look for it in the October issue.

Google is negotiating to buy Digg for around $200 mil.  Why? Because they can.  Let’s see if this deal goes through, as Digg has been an acquisition holdout for years.

NY Times is linking up with LinkedIn to provide news content to the professional social networking site.

And, Apple’s running short of 3G iPhones, now with wait times of 2-3 weeks. Glad I got mine!

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