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Time article “Who Will Rule the Internet?”,8599,1811814-1,00.html

Josh Quittner writes in Time on the future of the Internet, what will be the next great platform?  He identifies three major parties, Apple, Google, and Facebook, all approaching the industry in a slightly different manner. I like the Marc Andreessen quote, “Trying to decide which will win is kind of like debating whether beef, chicken or lobster is going to win the market for food.”  This isn’t a horse race, so I wish we’d stop treating it like one. There’s probably room for elements of all three strategies. But, it is interesting to study the diffusion of technologies and try to predict the “next big thing.”

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Andreessen to Facebook?

With all the talk about Microsoft and Yahoo this week, did we all forget about Facebook? This was in the news today: Facebook wants Marc Andreessen on its board. You might remember Andreessen as the founder of Mosaic, later became Netscape. He was the Internet darling of the mid-90s. Now, he’s one of the owners of Ning, where I have WebPubNET hosted, a place where you can develop your own social network.

Facebook also recently hired some folks from Google, trying to get some grownups in their house. It’ll be interesting to watch as Facebook grows up.

Now, back to Microsoft and Yahoo. Here’s a Charlie Rose where Michael Arrington and Andrew Ross Sorkin discuss. They’re pretty rough on Yahoo, expect Yang to be replaced, and they say that Google is really the big winner. I’m not sure I agree. I would say that Yang knows what he is doing, but then again, he hasn’t done much since they let Terry Semel go.

And, as far as Microsoft, rumor has it that they are talking to AOL. Too bad they can’t develop their own expertise, branding, products, and services in house…

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