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Watch the Video

Now, if you want to see the video of the WWDC Keynote, it’s here.

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And, literally 15 minutes later…

This was Apple’s home page.

Watch the Ad.

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And just like that, 3G iphone is here:

These images were on the Apple Store within minutes of Jobs finishing the keynote:


  • as expected 3G service – did lots of comparisons, Jobs actually called it “amazingly zippy.”
  • Longer battery life
  • GPS
  • Lower price!!! $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB, plus 16GB avail in white

But no video, camcorder capabilities. Why?!! And, not available until July 11.

During the keynote, lots of cool apps were introduced:

  • Associated Press – ability to share stories, photos with friends, report on news yourself
  • Neat medical apps
  • Band – create music
  • Lots of games
  • Push notifications – for example, getting notifications from Ebay on your auctions

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