Grad Life

Grad Life

I asked my Issues in New Media students to depict grad life in pictures. This is what they submitted.

  1. Dinner in class #gradschool #issuesnm @ Old Main
  2. Last semester of grad school. Will not be missing long research papers. #homestretch #gradschool…
  3. And this is life during graduate school…almost 1:00am and work tomorrow morning.
  4. Graduate School equals sleeping with the research paper, but I enjoy it:) #issuesnm
  5. Grad life is doing this for hours and hours everyday #issuesnm
  6. #issuesnm #gradschool. Topo Chico, espresso and studying.
  7. #gradschool is multitasking, coffee, pop tarts, & loss of sleep. #issuesnm
  8. Student loan debt keeps piling up, but I keep telling myself it’ll all be worth it #issuesnm
  9. haha the struggle is real #issuesnm #gradschoolproblems

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