The Programmer as Journalist

I’ll be doing this presentation at the UT International Symposium in Online Journalism on April 23.



  1. […] That was encouraging to me, as it dovetailed nicely with my interest in data and programming and my case study of the NY Times Interactive News Technology team that I presented at the conference. And David Cohn of talked about letting the public […]

  2. […] That’s a quote from a New York Times pro-jo, found in Cindy Royal’s excellent paper, “The Journalist as Programmer: A Case Study of The New York Times Interactive News Technology Department.” (Thanks to Greg Linch of Publish2 for pointing me to it.) In it, Royal talks about what she observed in the time she spent with the Times’ geek-jos. The entire paper (26 pages double-spaced) is good reading, though it has its detractors (more on that in a moment). You can view Cindy Royal’s slideshow synopsis of the paper here. […]

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