Yes, I do write blog posts…

Just not always on this blog. I have a few new ones on other blogs that I’d love for you to check out:

  • One is on the AEJMC Hot Topics blog. It has my observations about some of the critiques of the AEJMC conference and reviews of several books that have influenced my thinking about the digital economy.
  • Next is on the Online Journalism Review site (OJR) about an experience I had in the lab last week and the broader ramifications. (thanks for the inspiration Ashley H.!)
  • I also wrote one for OJR back in May titled Making Media Social: News as User Experience.
  • And, in April I was asked by the educational site OrgSync to write a post about my students’ SXSW project: TX State Student Bloggers Cover SXSWi

Your comments on the posts would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.


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