Virtual Visit From Wilmington Star-News

Today in my Web Design class, we were very fortunate to have a Skype visit from members of the Wilmington Star-News (@starnewsonline) team. Judy Royal (@judyroyal), Shannan Bowen (@shanbow) and Jim Ware (@jimware) talked about their roles in the newsroom, use of social media and multimedia and the future of journalism. They provided excellent advice for new journalism grads and validated many of the ideas we have discussed this semester, including the concept of Web-first journalism and the importance of having a portfolio of Web and multimedia skills to show potential employers.  Great session, great use of technology and a wonderful opportunity for students to learn from pros!

We had some audio issues, apparently on our end, but we could hear them just fine. And, I had just downloaded the trial of Call Recorder for Skype, and didn’t realize the “Demo” banner would be on the video. Will definitely pay the $15 for the full version to remove that in the future.


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