Links from Upcoming Indiana University presentation

I’ll be doing a couple of presentations at Indiana University this week, visiting with my friend Dr. Mike Conway. I’ll be speaking in his Vis Comm lecture about Multimedia Journalism and here are some of the links I will be addressing (so I can easily access during my pres).

Then I’ll be talking to faculty about Using Social Media in the Classroom.  Here are some of the links from that presentation:

My third presentation will be more of a discussion with some graduate students on Friday.  The topics we will cover will be trends in online journalism (mainly discuss trends at the NY Times to engage data), social media and journalism (@statesman & @coloneltribune), as well as using social media to create a personal brand.  I’ll talk about some of my own personal projects and blogs, and my use of Twitter. Some of the links I will probably address can be found on my delicious site.

I’m looking forward to a fun trip to Bloomington!


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