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I had lunch with a former student today, Matt Smelser at I and O Communications.  He’s doing some really cool things at his company.  During our lunch, Matt asked me about some ways that I keep up with social media trends, so I put the following together for him, thought I’d share it here.

Pros I follow on Twitter:
@robquig reports on Newspapers that Twitter. Follow any of them in your interest or geographic area.

Some of the RSS feeds I follow:
NY Times Technology
Old Media New Tricks
PBS Media Shift
Wired (of course)
Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
SocialMedia Today
Connection Cafe (Convio’s Blog)

I also check in regularly with Poynter. It’s good to keep up with Pew Internet studies, too.

I know there are lots more. Any other suggestions out there?

I also have a delicous site . Any time I have an article for class, I tag it there as Daily, then I move it to a category.  It’s open, feel free to visit it to see what I’m talking about.

It is difficult to keep up with the swift pace of new media trends. It really is a commitment. But, it’s fun and can really be valuable to you in any number of ways.

Update:  I just added another couple of important links. Online Journalism Review is back in business at the Knight Digital Media Center (since mid Sept. Why didn’t I know this?, congrats Robert Niles). They are on Twitter, too (@ojr).  And, from that site, there is a great post by @eulken about Building the Data Desk . Erik Ulken’s blog is


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  1. Woot! So glad to see you keep up with Connection Cafe! We focus on philanthropy and nonprofits, but we also keep up with online trends, social media and community building so it’s really a great resource for anyone interested in all things Web. I would also add to your post that Twitter packs are a great resource for people looking for others to follow on Twitter. These are essentially lists of people, organized by industry or focus, that you can follow (also, you should add your name to the list, as well).

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