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So, I didn’t get invited to the second round of the Knight News Challenge. That doesn’t mean I am not going forward with my vision of an interactive media center at Texas State.  I think there is a lot of opportunity to create a niche for ourselves in this area.  Here are some more resources to augment my first post, things I’ll be reading over the next few weeks.

Sometimes the best place to start is Wikipedia. There are a lot of tech people in that community. Here is the article on Web Application Frameworks. From there, you can follow links to articles for Ruby on Rails, Django, and others. Also links to List of Application Frameworks and Comparison of Web Application Frameworks. Going through these articles gives you a good sense of the difference between the frameworks and the programming languages and how they relate to CMS.

Django Web Application Framework – presentation by Simon Willison

YouTube video – Journalists Talking About Django

Adrian Holovaty interviewed in Chicago Tribune

42 Topics Blog Interview with Adrian Holovaty

Chatting with Adrian Holovaty on Reddit

Journalism 3G: The Future of Technology in the Field – Symposium at GVU Center at Georgia Tech

DigiDave Blog Post on Computational Journalism

Adrian Holovaty and the Post’s Data Explosion – the Bivings Report

Django for Journalists – Web Programming Training at IRE – I hope to take this in May.

Apple’s Leopard Hails Ruby on Rails from

Django: Python on a Plane –

Refresh Austin – Introduction to Django presentation and notes

Institute for Analytic Journalism

Adrian Holovaty Talk and Django Jam in Vancouver

Java Passion online course Ruby on Rails

Update: Aron Pilhofer from NY Times just sent me this link,’s Rails Myths.


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