News Items from 7/21

From Social Media Today: Should Social Media Fall under Technology or Public Relations? Good comments regarding its place as a communication tool, but that PR departments might not have technical types (at the moment) that can work with these tools.  Also, 4 Unexpected Observations from Blogher, compares it to SXSW in terms of social media importance.

Wired on John McCain’s lack of tech savvy.  This concerns me.

NY Times on Wikipedia’s proposal to apply a review system. redesigned their site.

Wii jumps ahead of Xbox and PlayStation as the video-game console of choice.

Web Strategy highlights the best and worst social media campaigns. BMW 1 Series was the only one with a passing score in four categories.

Lorne Michaels will use YouTube to give Jimmy Fallon some practice before hosting Late Night. Good idea. NBC is not likely to give Fallon lots of time to hit his stride, and he’s never done anything like this before. The YouTube episodes will be shorter than a show, but will appear at regular times to get people used to seeing Fallon.


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