Social Media and Politics & Microsoft/Yahoo Saga Continues

The NY Times had a good article about the person who heads Barack Obama’s online media strategy.  He’s one of the founders of Facebook.  Basically, the other candidates are envious of his ability to motivate constituents via his use of social media.  One of the key points of the strategy is using online sources to generate in-person activity.

In contrast, another NY Times article talked about McCain’s association with ousted Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.  I think there is a pretty stark difference in strategies, where Obama hires a 24-year-old Facebook founder, and McCain gets support from an older tech executive from a company that isn’t really known for social media as much as hardware.

And, finally Microsoft has opened the door again to consider buying Yahoo.  Investor Carl Icahn is stirring things up, with hopes to reseat the Yahoo board.  Yahoo continues to stand firm, and tries to convince shareholders of its long-term strategy for growth and wealth building. Microsoft had previously backed away from pursuing the deal, when Yahoo turned down an offer of $33/share.


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