Join the Social Media Party

I was impressed by this post on Social Media Today that critiqued the idea that social media is a “conversation.”  You hear that a lot, companies want to start or join the online conversation. But, Ray Augie, in this post, says it would be better to call it a party. And, it’s a party that is already going on.  So, he provides some tips based on helpful party etiquette to explain how one should behave at an online party.

Too many companies think they have some entitlement in these communities, if they merely show up, people will be impressed and shower them with praise. Consider the party guest that shows up late, dominates the conversation, and talks only about themselves.  Imagine being cornered by that goon. You’ll be checking your watch and talking about how you have to go home and walk your dog (whether you have one or not) in no seconds flat. This boorish behavior not ruins it for some, but it can also kill the whole party.   Augie’s best piece of advice is to participate in the conversation, which also includes LISTENING.


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