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I realized that I may not have mentioned these to everyone.  I know many of you use Fetch and are comfortable with it.  Some of you unfortunate PC users have WS-FTP, which has recently become available for free at

But, I also like FireFTP.  It’s an add-on for Firefox.  Go to and download it (it will make you restart Firefox).  Then, when it reopens, look for FireFTP under Tools.  You login by Creating an Account or using QuickConnect.

And, for FTP on the go, there’s  It’s a web-based FTP program.

Many hosts also offer the ability to FTP to your site via the Web, but I don’t think the doteasy accounts do that. So, the options above should help you through any FTP situation.


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  1. reynaldosheppard4383 said

    you may use too. With, you can access any FTP account through a Web interface – no matter whether there is a firewall or not. You can use ftp4net for the complete administration of your homepage, downloading files or just making small changes.Its a total web based ftp solution.

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