McClatchy to slash 1400 jobs

McClatchy Co., the newspaper company that owns the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Miami Herald (and many other dailies), announced today that it will cut 1400 jobs in its organization. The cuts are in response to “today’s more competitive media environment.” I know this scares a lot of communication students and recent grads. But, these companies need to remain competitive. The thing they lack is new media expertise. The people who are performing in that area are bound to be safer than those who have ignored it or who have been slow to adopt. They need new people with fresh ideas. Be that person!

One of our TX State grad students Maira Garcia is interning at FW Star-Telegram this summer. Maybe she can comment on the professional climate up there.



  1. Maira said

    This whole thing is pretty disheartening. The rumor surfaced late Friday and confirmed this morning. Since then, the newroom has been buzzing with people wondering whether or not they will have a job by the end of the day. A staff meeting announcing the terms of the layoffs just finished and they are allowing people to take a voluntary buyout. Fifty people will be gone in the next couple of weeks, with 17 being layed off today.

    It might be time to rethink what you want to do if your goal was the print industry. Not even online/multimedia went untouched. Someone there was layed off this morning.

  2. Cindy Royal said

    Thanks for the comment, Maira. And, keep us posted. On the bright side, Dee accepted a job offer today. It’s with Girlstart as a Technology and Program Coordinator. There are interesting jobs out there. You just have to be flexible, and patient!!!

  3. Maira said

    I definitely agree. I sound really pessimistic in the previous comment, but I think you can’t have a one-track mind if you are want to be a mass communicator. You have to be creative about how you get your product out there and I believe that is the problem with newspaper industry. I can’t help but feel like they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. Ricky said

    I interned at the S-T on the sportsdesk and am about to be hired as a corresponednt, and I think the S-T is really screwing up by getting rid of the NASCAR beat (Texas Motor Speedway is in FW for crying out loud) and deputy editor Terry Bigham. Be smart about your layoffs.

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