Watch this – Net Neutrality Video

This video features the smartest people in the world (Tim Berners-Lee, Lawrence Lessig, and many others) talking about the implications of net neutrality. Listen to them!

60% of content on the Internet is produced by people rather than corporations. 0 on TV (ok, there is cable access in the occasional market), radio maybe 5%, newspapers – the occasional letter to editor. This is the powerful part. Do we want the Internet to revert to a one-way model?

This is the first thing I have seen that really lays out the issues so that the average user can understand. And, I’m thankful for social networking companies like MySpace and Facebook who have spread the concept of user-generated content before the phone companies could shut it down. People have had a chance, on a widespread level, to contribute content. Thus, the big companies trying to control the Internet will now have a much harder time slipping this type of legislation through.

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