Facebook to get a new look

Looks like Facebook will be unveiling a new profile design in the coming weeks.  This article, written mostly to alert developers of the change, outlines the new style.  The new profile will contain five main tabs, Feed, Info, Wall, Photos, and Boxes (name to be changed later).  Users will be able to add tabs and access all their apps via a dropdown menu.

The new feed will allow stories to be published as one-liners, short stories, or full stories, giving the profile owner complete control over how they appear.

Timeline for changes is that developers already have access to documentation. In a few weeks, Facebook will open a developers’ sandbox for testing. Then, a few weeks after that, users will see the change.  So, thing early to mid June.

The article summarizes with a good point. “Facebook must embark on a major user education campaign to help users understand the new tools they have to organize application content on their profile page (specifically, moving boxes between tabs and adding new app tabs) and share application content with their friends (specifically, the new feed publisher).”  Some of these things appear complicated, and if users need an “education campaign” to understand Facebook, I have a feeling they will go elsewhere.  The sheer simplicity is what has driven most of the usage of social networks.


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