New iMac is here!…again

You might have read about my unadultered joy for the delivery of my new iMac last week. You may have also been following my quick return to reality on Monday when I realized that Apple had refreshed the entire iMac product line that morning, swiftly rendering my new system out-of-date and overpriced. But, all was quickly rectified. I returned the original system via FedEx on Tues, and by Thursday Apple had already credited my card. The order for the new iMac was placed on Monday evening, and today, a week after the original delivery, I now have my ultimate system. Enjoy the video below of the Apple welcome screen.

So, now the fun begins, as I transition systems. I’m considering not investing in MS Office. Any comments on the best cloud-based or open source productivity package? I’ve been an Entourage user for years, so that might be difficult. I will give Mac Mail a shot. My word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation sw needs are fairly basic, but I don’t want to be constrained. And, I need compatibility with files that others might send me.


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